We’re a small, creative digital media studio based in Nelson, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada that has a passion for creativity! We craft user friendly, functional websites, visual media and stand-out brand identities.

We work closely with you, as part of your team, talking and discovering more about your project. Through research and analysis we clearly define your business and user goals, design your information architecture, and work through all the essential planning.

We’re committed and enthusiastic about every project we take on, and we get a kick out of getting successful results!

Meet The Team

Keith Page


Hi, my name is Keith Page and I’m a serial entrepreneur with two previous successful companies under my belt. The Repair Factory and Green-Light.ca. I build companies for longevity, quality, talent and shared benefit.

My goal the last 15 years of doing this has been to bring talented people under one umbrella to solve ever increasingly challenging business problems. It is through this spirit that the power of their shared potential can be unlocked to everyone's mutual benefit.

I’m very proud to get a chance to work closely with Justin and Eric on this new venture. Online Storytelling is such an important component of how we work in today's world. Helping people bring their ideas forward and keeping them fresh, vibrant and engaging make all the difference in making our dreams a reality. It is with this in mind that we are combining the visual, written and technical arts under one roof.

I look forward to the challenges ahead, confident in the strength of my two talented partners Eric and Justin.

Until 2022 I’m also serving as a Nelson City Councillor. Challenge accepted!

Justin Randolph Joffe

Creative Media

Hello, I am Justin, a seasoned veteran in both analogue and digital media. I have a never-ending thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning new skills. The latest tech and trends are always on my radar so that everything I work with is in the forefront of design and functionality.

Clients and colleagues know me to be both a forward-thinker and great fun to work with. Above all, I feel that success comes from the ability to understand the needs of the people we work with.

I have lived and worked in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia with a wide range of clients, from startups to global giants such as Coca Cola, Target and Cadbury. These experiences have given me a truly global perspective and appreciation for the many cultures of the world.

Living in Nelson is a dream come true for me. I love being able to snowboard down the mountain road behind my house, right to my back door. The scenery, the healthy environment, and the wonderful people make it my favorite place that I have lived. It is exciting to be here, and I look forward to working with you on your next project!

Nick Brown


Hi I’m Nick and I come to the team from a background in Fine Arts and Social work. I’m passionate about design, Illustration, and animation. I’m also the glue that holds the paperwork in the office together, a great place for me to further develop my infatuation with organizing and research!

I enjoy working together with a tight knit team to create something special out of your imagination : )

Eric Friesen

Systems Architect

Hi, my name is Eric Friesen. I don't like to talk about myself, I'd rather be talking with you about the problems you're having. What's currently working, what's not working, what your requirements and wishes are, and what are your ``Oh my god, that would be amazing`` ideas and work back from there.

I can do a lot of things, from putting together redundant clusters, Linux administrator, programming in PHP, Java, CakePHP, Bootstrap, Jquery, VueJS, to real-world skills like cabling, micro-soldering, engine rebuilding, firefighting, construction and a lot of things in between.

Together, Keith, Justin, and I have a lot of complementary experience in different areas that when combined makes us even better. Justin is an existing visual artist who can breath new life into projects I enable. Keith has the ability to come up with new ideas seemingly out of thin air, many of which are brilliant gems just waiting to be brought to life.

When I'm not at the computer, cabling, soldering, rebuilding engines, or construction I like to spend my time in the bush exploring and target shooting.

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